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Please read this before you buy

Spent 4000 pounds in their belfast store, bought alot of stuff, they were very helpful and the prices were good. A small internal crack developed in the screen of my 46 inch tv after 5 months. They sent it to panasonic who said it wasnt a manufacturing fault. A Richer sounds engineer looked at photos of the crack rang me and said I must have hit it with something. I told hold him the crack was internal and that it was obviously not from something hitting it. There are several cases of this sort of screen cracking online. I offered to go 50/50 on getting an independant engineer to evaulaute they refused and Ignored all my calls and letters thereafter. I was forced to pay for an independant assessment myself, I then was forced to go to small claims court to which they didnt turn up. A judgement was made against them by the judge for the full amount and now after the period for reasonable payment expires tomorrow I am forced to go and get the judgement enforced and the courts will recover the money on my behalf from them. So moral of the story they are good sales people but if anything goes wrong its a different story. Shame I have to go to this extreme after spending alot of money in their store.

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Richersounds Ireland - We are Ireland's largest TV, Hifi and Flat TV specialists. We sell LCD & Plasma TV, Home cinema and Hifi equipment at the best prices anywhere. Guaranteed. We are based in Belfast

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