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The Light Bulb Company (UK)

Let there be light....

OK so we'd spend several days in the dark. Seems like we're a bit old fashioned for the local stores like B&Q so it was time for the high tech shopping experience... No great expectations, at least we'd seen the children who tend to use the darkened room as a games rooms, but what a lovely surprise when the day following placing the order there was the new 'bulb'. Not only that but it was left in a safe place (so no racing off 5 miles down the road during limited hours). Well done 'The Light Bulb Company (UK)'.


Top Class Service

Obviously the main reason for buying from coolshop was that the price was better than elsewhere. I was nervous though because I'd never used them before and I know what sort of service I'd get elsewhere. However, one delighted gamesplayer one day later when the post arrived before school. I've been 'burnt' by other unknown companies but I'd definitely recommend coolshop if this is indicative of their service.

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